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COE 92-96

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If you want to make faux boro beads, this frit is for you!  All you need to do pull stringer with this frit using either Effetre Transparent Light Brown or Straw Yellow.  I've found that dipping the gather 3 times produces the best results.  I've found that the best way to pull this type of stringer is to put the glass gather on the end of a large-ish mandrel.  It's much easier to control the size and intensity of the gather.  Whenever I use rods to pull stringer made from frit I usually end up using a lot more glass and frit than necessary.  It gets too big too fast and a good part of one end of the stringer doesn't have enough frit mixed in with it to be useful, etc.  Using a mandrel WILL ruin it, fyi.  So, use an old one!  Once you have your stringer pulled then simply apply to your base bead and encase.  VERY easy!



Frit in action!




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