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COE 92-96

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Frit in action!



I'm NOT a Raku guru AT ALL.  Apparently, you can get all kinds
of nice blues and purples from this frit.  I'm just not one of those
people!  I do like to use Raku as a top frit or a bottom frit though! 
Color will vary depending on how much heat you apply and when. 
If you heat it up and get all the bits melted in, let it cool for a bit,
then put it back into the flame, super heat it (but not too much...),
then cool it down really fast either by using a bead press or cold
piece of marble, etc. and then quickly put it back in the flame to
remove the chill marks. This process is supposed to produce lots
of nice purples and blues.  It takes practice, apparently!!  And
patience! Use a little or a lot for some nice variation! Looks good
either way.

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4 ounces $15.00
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