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COE 92-96

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Frit in action!


This frit is made by Kugler.
The transparency of this frit varies more than any other frit I’ve used (aside from Silver Green). The transparency seems to depend not only on how much you use but also on the base glass you use. When used on or under Lauscha, ASK or Vetrofond clear the frit appears opaque and seems to yellow a bit, but when used on or under Effetre or Uroboros clear it maintains its transparency and there’s no yellowing. How much difference in color and transparency will also depend on how much frit you use.  This is an interesting frit in that each frit bit will often be more opaque in the middle than around it’s edges.  I could comment a lot about this frit’s transparency!  Let’s just say that it’s transparent qualities are very unique! 
Here are some side-by-side photos of Silver Blue used with silver foil on both Effetre Clear and Lauscha Clear.  There are some significant differences!
This frit can be used directly on ivory.  Yep, it’s true!  I will qualify this statement by saying that you don’t want to COOK this frit on ivory.  Put it on there, do your thing and then get out.  The longer you leave the heat on, the worse things get. 
What’s also note worthy about this frit is that often each little frit bit will have an outline of lighter blue around it.  This isn’t always true, but it’s often true.  How the frit behaves depends greatly on how you work it -- the base glass, the encasing glass, any glass next to it, etc. 
Lastly, just to convince you that Kugler’s Silver Blue has the best personality EVER, check this out these out:
by Catherine Steele
by Maryia Anton
You see that?  The little frit bits will sometimes appear curled up and/or folded.  I have no idea how to control it – either avoiding it or causing it.  It's just a little happy surprise every now and then!
Works great with silver!! 
This frit is identical to Silver Green in all aspects except color (at least from my experience so far with it).

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